Beckenham Fliers Kent Championship success

Today we competed in the annual Kent Trampoline Championships at the Jumpers Rebound Centre in Gillingham. We had a total of 40 competitors – The largest group of competitors we have ever taken to a competition. For many of our competitors it was their first regional competition. Below are our results for the event.

Kent Championship Results:

Kaidy M U11 Female: 1st (Kent Champion 2018)
Layla B U11 Female: 6th
Maddison Y U11 Female: 8th
Daisy H U11 Female: 11th
Tilly H U11 Female: 14th
Isobel W U13 Female: 2nd

Novice Team: Beckenham Fliers U11 Female Team: 1st (Kent Team Champion 2018)

Intermediate: Bethan L U11 Female: 5th
Hannah N U11 Female: 6th
Chloe R U11 Female: 7th
Agnes P U11 Female: 8th
Emily P U11 Female: 9th
Leland G U11 Male: 5th
Mae W U13 Female: 5th
Ruby L U13 Female: 8th
Lexi R U13 Female: 10th
Sophia O U15 Female: 3rd
Ayo A U15 Female: 4th
Mila R U15 Female: 6th
Kate W U15 Female: 8th
Mia A U15 Female: 10th
Matilda P U15 Female: 12th
Molly P U15 Female: 13th
Georgia S U15 Female: 15th
Ella S U19 Female: 3rd
Gabby F U19 Female: 5th
Katie B U19 Female: 7th
Anka S U19 Female: 8th
Oskar M U19 Male: 1st (Kent Champion 2018)

Intermediate Team: Beckenham Fliers U11 Female Team: 2nd
Beckenham Fliers U13 Female Team: 3rd
Beckenham Fliers U15 Female Team: 1st (Kent Team Champion 2018)
Beckenham Fliers U19 Female Team: 1st (Kent Team Champion 2018)

Millie T U15 Female: 2nd
Elouise L U15 Female: 6th
Mae R U15 Female: 11th
Sophie B U15 Female: 12th
Rosie T U15 Female: 12th
Layla D U15 Female: 14th
Emil O U15 Male: 6th
Joseph B U15 Male: 7th

Advanced Team:
Beckenham Fliers A U15 Female Team: 2nd
Beckenham Fliers B U15 Female Team: 3rd

Nicola R O15 Female: 1st (Kent Champion 2018)
Sian D O15 Female 4th
Vicky M 015 Female: 7th
Jake M 015 Male: 3rd

Elite Team:
Beckenham Fliers O15 Female Team: 1st (Kent Team Champion 2018)

A huge congratulations to all of our Kent Championship competitors we had an amazing day and the club could not be any prouder.

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